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Site: H*Art Gallery of Tennessee (110 E Main St.)

Artists: Twenty-two Chattanooga Community Kitchen Clients & Sour One

Partners: Chattanooga Community Kitchen, H*Art Gallery of Tennessee, & Sour One

Description: Sour One, a Chattanooga-based street artist, found graffiti expression for the word “Care.”  In Mark Making workshops, 22 Chattanooga Community Kitchen clients explored their identity by transforming black and white photographs of themselves into thought provoking self portraits.  From portrait to paste-up, their work is now “surrounded” by the word care. The mural attempts to provoke sincere, un-clichéd dialogue about homelessness.


“Care” is part of Mark Making’s “Urban Heart Beat” programming, providing youth and other nonprofessional artists with legal graffiti space and art education, aiming to create graffiti art that serves the public.  Visit “Urban Heart Beat” on Facebook!