Tion Torrence aka Bukue One


Tion Torrence (Bukue One)

Tion Torrence (a.k.a Bukue One) was introduced to graffiti in the early 1990’s when the parallel worlds of hip-hop and skating converged.  At the time both were still perceived by the mainstream as antisocial behaviors and temporary fads. Bukue is a product of that confluence of underground currents.

By the time Bukue One entered his late teenage years he was socially conscious, a talented skater and a renowned graffiti artist.  Bukue’s career has led him to manage such acts as Blackalicious, Aceyalone and Del the Funky Homosapien, and launch his own recording career.  His music is about reintroducing good old party hip-hop to young kids.

Visit Bukue’s Myspace page for more information: www.myspace.com/mrbukueone.